About Me

Piano Tuner Surrey, Geoffrey Lloyd is a professional piano tuner Surrey and he covers areas in Surrey and Sussex including Guildford London Worthing and all the other surrounding areas. Piano Tuner Surrey, Piano Tuner Worthing, Piano Tuner London, Piano Tuner Sussex, Professional Piano Tuner.

Training and Experience

I qualified as a piano tuner (with honours) from the RNC, Shrewsbury in 1970. My first employment was with Barratt and Robinson, piano manufacturers in South London but I swiftly moved to Harrods in Knightsbridge where I was their showroom tuner for 25 years. Whilst at Harrods I became self employed and built up a large customer base by people simply tapping me on the shoulder, asking if I'd tune their piano.

After Harrods I spent 12 years at Jacques Samuels Pianos Ltd in the Edgeware Road, London. Thankfully this was for only 2-3 days a week because by then I had a large number of private customers on my books. (Actually, by now they were on a database and a whole new set of skills had to be learned).

Jacques Samuels have a large fleet of hire pianos and I was always being sent out to concert halls and events to do the final tuning before the performance.

Photograph of Geoff Lloyd

Meeting People

Yes, of course, I've tuned for the rich and famous and met many wonderful people. I have an especially fond memory of Eric Clapton who, having held me up for some time and made me late, put his hand in his pocket and paid for a taxi to take me to my next customer.

The Toughest Challenge

The most difficult tunings I ever did were for a concert in Harrods in the late 70s; Sixteen pianos had to be tuned exactly the same for 32 pianists playing duets simultaneously. It took nearly a week to tune them all to precisely the same pitch, then on the day of the concert I 'tidied them up' and the result was wonderful. As had been requested, they sounded just like one piano.

Pianos and Places

I've probably tuned every type of piano there is and some of them in some very strange places indeed. Schools and colleges, pubs and clubs, theatres, churches and recording studios have all added some welcome variety along the way. Once someone even drove a piano to my house and I tuned it in the back of the delivery van!

Home Sweet Home

From self imposed exile in London I returned to my home county of West Sussex in 2007. My wife Elaine and I now live happily in Lancing where I can smell the sea from the garden and in the summer go to the cricket at Hove. I travel to London regularly to work but these days I prefer to stay closer to home.

Getting About

I normally travel by train with my current guide dog. In London we know our way around by train, tube and bus. In more remote areas kind customers will pick me up at their nearest railway station (and take me back again!).

Photograph of Geoff's Guide Dogs

Sometimes Elaine will drive me to my appointments and we like this - it gives us a day out together!

Here are some of the areas I cover:

CranleighBlack and White Picture of a Piano
Wisborough Green
Bognor Regis
... and surrounding areas.

Please allow an hour for piano tuning, although it could take longer. I replace broken strings and carry out minor repairs, for other work I recommend a piano technician.

If a piano is untunable I'm honest and say so and charge only a call-out fee.

Geoffrey Lloyds Honours Certificate for Piano Tuning Picture of inside a Piano